Smarter Traffic Solutions

At InfraWorks Group, we don’t just build traffic systems; we engineer smarter, safer, and more efficient traffic ecosystems. With an exceptional team boasting over 80+ years of combined expertise in municipal and provincial traffic systems, fiber optic upgrades, advanced transportation management systems, IoT Technologies, Smart City Technologies/Applications, audits, signal timing programming, and maintenance, we are the industry leaders you can rely on for all your traffic infrastructure needs.

Reduce Congestion + Delays

Gone are the days of worrying about traffic signal maintenance. 

Picture a world where traffic intersections seamlessly synchronize, reducing congestion, and minimizing delays. InfraWorks Group’s turn-key solutions take care of every detail – from installing the groundwork (conduit, manholes, pole bases, cable) to erecting above-ground structures (poles, mast-arms, signal heads, controller cabinets, power supply). Our system programming is tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring your city’s traffic management is perfectly attuned to its unique needs. Our expert team guarantees peak performance, assuring your intersections operate flawlessly, leaving you with a sense of security and confidence in your traffic infrastructure.

Smarter Cities

Embrace the future of our transportation with our full turn-key approach to design and build for both provincial and municipal traffic systems consulting, maintenance and installation to elevate your traffic infrastructure to unmatched levels.

Traffic Signal Maintenance

Traffic Timing Programming

Traffic Signal Fiber Optic Installation

Network Solutions

Smart City Applications

Inspection Services

Pedestrian CrossWalk Installation

Traffic Signal Infrastructure Installation (conduit, pole bases, manholes etc.)

Consulting Services

Getting Started

Partner with us to revolutionize your traffic systems and unlock the potential of your infrastructure. Contact InfraWorks Group today for a consultation, and let’s embark on this transformative journey together.

Don’t miss the chance to harness the power of smarter traffic solutions!